Bottom Cleaning

Bottom Cleaning

Why Does my Boat Bottom get Dirty?

Bottom growth is inevitable even if you have the highest quality bottom paint. The warm, nutrient rich waters of Southwest Florida produce an abundance of marine growth on boat hulls and on any submerged structure.

With such nutrient rich waters and high levels of sunlight, marine growth occurs rather rapidly. Especially on areas that are not coated with anti-fouling bottom paint. This growth can cause a variety of issues for boaters such as:

  • Decreased cruising and top speed
  • Increased drag resulting in more fuel consumption
  • Excess growth on your running gear will result in annoying vibrations
  • Restricted water flow or total blockage to water intakes associated with your; air conditioning, engine cooling, generator cooling, livewell pumps etc.

Based on over 20 years of service experience in Southwest Florida boating community we have found that the most effective way to get the most out of your boat and your bottom paint is a minimum 4 week cleaning schedule during the winter and a 3 week schedule during the summer.

Also for heavier growth areas or people who frequently use their boats we offer a 4/2 schedule which includes a monthly full bottom clean and a bi-weekly gear and intakes cleaning.

Keeping your boat regularly washed, maintained and bottom cleaned will not only result in a more pleasant boating experience but also reduced operating costs of your vessel as well as help retain the value of your vessel.

  • Recommended Schedule bottom cleaning (up to 49 ft) $2.75 per ft. (with swim platform add $.50 per ft.)
  • Bottom Cleaning (will call) $3.OO per ft. and up
  • Bottom Cleaning (over 49 ft) $3.50 per ft. (with swim platform add $.50 per ft.)
  • Bottom Cleaning any vessel with hydraulic platforms or multiple thrusters, stabilizers etc $3.50 per foot
  • Bottom Cleaning 4/2 schedule (recommended for all pod drive vessels)$4.00 per foot including two services per month
  • Pontoons & Tritoons $5.00 per fott
  • Hourly bottom cleaning $135 per hour
  • Search and Recovery $115 per hour ($75 minimum)
  • Stain removal above waterline $2.00 per foot
  • zinc replacement $10.00 per zinc + cost of zinc
  • Cutlass bearing replacement (in water) $350 plus cost of bearing
  • Propeller removal and installation price depends on size $75-$250 and up

We no longer provide dive services for I/O drives, or jet drives.